Plot Edit

The Villians decide to stay in Villian HQ due to Scar being sick. So they decide to insult The Goodies, as well has their friends.

Possible Script Edit

(Usual Intro)

(The camera pans down to Villian HQ, where Scar tells the other villians that he is unwell and to look after him)

Barney: Erh..are you ok there master?

Scar: (uneasy) Since that ice cold river bath..iv'e had nothing but a terrible cold! Since those Goodies filled my river with ICE!!

Morgana: Ooh i love the ice...i use to live in an icy cave just the outskirts of Atlantica. So nice, so peaceful but couldn't leave the place for 12 stupid years!

Maximus: Why?

Morgana: Because i had to hide from the little brats grandfather..somewhere far but still a bit close so i could spy on prescious Melody.

Alex: We could stay and watch over you master?

Scar: No! i want those good for nothing imbeciles go!

Morgana: That can wait for today, we will get them later. Now lets check your temprature

Scar: OUCH!! watch my arm! its healing up from my Hyena attack, i cant believe i survived them. Should had killed Simba..and Kovu too!

Margaret: Let's insult The Goodies to cheer Scar up

Scar: They better be good!

Spike: What's with that stupid duck with the lisp?

Tia: Which one there's two?

Spike: The both..dopey ducks (villians laugh)

Kirstie: Why dosnt the super duck know his own name?

Tia: It's Danger isnt it?

Margaret: Why the name Danger? and why is his beak like a shovel?

Alex: Oh oh what about that freaky bimbo girl Lexi?