Plot Edit

After a month is passed since The Villians were imprisoned, Baboon and the villians plot their escape but another evil force takes over Baboon's place - Zod.

Possible Script Edit

(Usual Opening theme)

(The camera shows a very stormy night sky, as the camera pans down to Alcatraz prison showing Baboon walking around his cell with the other villians standing in front)

Baboon: I cant believe it's nearly been a month since we've been chucked in this dump!! and you dummies still havent figured a way out! im so dissapointed in you all

Maximus: We've tried sir...we just cant get out

Baboon: (shouts) KEEP TRYING!!

Morgana: Dont worry Baboon, we'll get out...

Baboon: Yeah when? I bet The Goodies are sitting in their HQ just laughing at us right now!

Barney: Or celebrating

Baboon: (shouts) Get back to work!! (back to Morgana) why cant evil have a good easy life? why do the goodies get everything? and i'll get my revenge on every one of those goodies...

Zod: (voice heared in background) With our help!!

(Baboon and the villians see Zod, Feora and Thunkian hovering near a gated window)

Baboon: Who are you?

Zod: That dosnt matter right now, but it looks like we both have problems with The Goodies, so if you want revenge you must stick with me

Baboon: What's in it for us?

Zod: I'll help you kill The Goodies, rule the Earth and have complete power over everything. If you do one thin for me?

Baboon: What!

Zod: Bring me Daffy and Lyndsey Duck!!

Feora: Are you still after those two stupid ducks?

Zod: Of course...they are my leads to finding Kalel and Lola

Feora: Cant you just give up on that rabbit? We are never gonna stop him from saving the city

Zod: What are you saying? that we just give up! over my dead body!