Plot Edit

When Kirstie, Mojo Jojo, Alex the Lion, Yosemite Sam, Buzz Lightyear, Waternoose and Mother Goose are somehow locked away by Baboon, the Goodies dont trust them - but why have they been locked up?

Possible Plot Edit

(Usual Opening Theme)

Jessie: I wonder what the villians are up to today?

Woody: Dunno, but im sure they are up to something sinister!....

(When Lyndsey Duck is watching TV, Baboon's face pops up demanding a message to the goodies)

Weather Man: And on Tuesday....Rain!!

Lyndsey Duck: Rain! Why does it always rain?...Lets see what else is on..

Simon Cowell: That was terrible...worst performance i have ever seen (Lyndsey Duck laughs)

(The channel switches to Baboon's face)

Baboon: Hey Goodies! Listen up!....oh, is it just you ducky?

Lyndsey Duck: (shouts) Guys...Baboon's on the TV screen!

Sheeba: What do you want Banana breath?

Baboon: My breath dosn't smell like Bananas! smells like dais...oh actually my breath is bad! Ok listen up! Some of my so call villians have to into a goodies and i have locked them away...get them at once! and never bring them back!

Tom: What do you all think? Should we go and get them?

Private; I don't trust that monkey!

Daphne: I think we should!....Maybe they was on our side from the beginning?