The Police interview the goodies and villains about the night of Scar's death.

Possible ScriptEdit

(Opening Theme)

(A pair of barefeet are seen walking as the camera slowly moves up the body to reveal it's Betty, who's in a orange prison uniform and handcuffed walking with two coppers, then she is questioned)

(Police officer talking privatly to Detective Wong about Betty)

Officer: Hello Sir...we have Miss Betty Barrett here. Suspect in the murder of Baboon, whom was mysteriously killed on top of a cliff , a banana was found near the crime scene. We also have many other suspects..enemies and friends

Detective Wong: Alright, Interview room 2

(In the interview room)

Detective Wong: You must be Betty....Betty Barrett

Atomic Betty: (angry) Yes! Why am i even here? i didn't do anything..where are my friends?

Detective Wong: Well they was all being interviewed, and turns out all of them are somewhat innocent, what's his face now...Timothy Vercatty?

Atomic Betty: It's Tommy! Tommy Vercetti

Detective Wong: Yeah that's him...he was say angry with all the questions, angry suspect..likely killer!

Atomic Betty: Don't blame this on Tommy!..Baboon deserved to die...for what he did to us and Lyndsey

Detective Wong: Why? what did he do to Lyndsey?

Atomic Betty: He installed a killer laser or zapper what ever you call it inside that nut bolt Preston, and whoever was slow he would kill..Lyndsey was slow, Preston was ordered to kill her, because she slipped...she nearly died because of that freak...whoever killed him should be praised not punished. He ruiend everyones lives!

Detective Wong: So that's why! you wanted him dead?

Atomic Betty: Your'e pinning this on me now!? you don't get it do you? i DID NOT kill Baboon, so let me and my friends go! why are'nt you questioning the villians anyway? did Morgana bribe you or something?

Detective Wong: Tell me about the Banana?

Atomic Betty: What Banana?

Detective Wong: The Banana at the crime scene, the one you or Mr Vercatty had!

Atomic Betty: He might have eaten the Banana, and for the last time me and Tommy DID NOT kill that freak!

Detective Wong; No, the Banana is the murder weapon!

Officer: (laughs)

Detective Wong: (to officer) What's so funny?

Officer: (Laughing) A Banana!? a murder weapon (continues laughing)

Detective Wong: Officer Kingsley escort this nuisence officer out side, Ok Miss Barrett, your free to leave for now

Atomic Betty: Good! what about the others?

Detective Wong: They will be free, soon