Lyndsey Longmoore
Name Lyndsey Longmoore
Also known As Pinky
Title Goodie
Age 15
Gender Female
Race Human
Home world Stourton (former)

Oddville (current)

Affiliations The Goodies

Roxas (boyfriend) Luxy Longmoore (descendant) Ventus (future brother in law)

Lyndsey, along with her sister Dawn try to enter a dance competition. Dawn tells Lyndsey to buy tickets which she does but as she walks, a young boy who races on his skateboard accidently crashes into her and they both crash land on a flower stall. The boy is only other than Roxas. As Roxas helps her up he apoligzes to Lyndsey for speeding and hitting her, which Lyndsey forgives him. The pair get on and fall for eachother. Later on, Lyndsey and Roxas reunite and make their new friends and are now known as "The Goodies"