The Goodies discover Violet is in love, but with who?                                                             

Possible ScriptEdit

(Usual oening theme)

(The camera pans down and shows Violet texting to a random person)

Jessie: Who are you texting?

Violet; None of your buisness

Jessie: Come on tell!

Violet: No! (Puts phone on table) and keep you small plastic hands off!

(In the kitchen)

Lyndsey: Hey Vi

Violet: Yo! what's for dinner?

Lyndsey: We could go to Bun Burger?

Violet: We had that last week!

Lyndsey: I thought you loved food from Bun Burger?

Violet: I do! but not for me! im on a date

Lyndsey: Ooh hay, you kept that quiet, so spill!

Violet: I don't think you'll approve, he hasn't really got our personality!

Lyndsey: What happend to Tony Rydinger?

Violet: I still like him, but i love this one even more

(Violet walks back into the lounge)

Violet; I told you to keep your hands off!

Jessie: I didnt touch it i swear!

Violet: In future back off!, im getting ready

Jessie: What with her anyway?

Lyndsey: She's got a hot date, but she wont tell me who!

Jessie; Shall we spy on her?

Lyndsey: What?! i cant, she's my best friend! ok!

(As Violet meets up with her date, Jessie and Lyndsey follow her)

Jessie: Here he comes (Both hide)

Violet: (to her date) Glad you came, i missed you so much, i couldn't tell them who you were

Syndrome: (pulls of his hood) Me neither!

Lyndsey/Jessie: (gasp whilst hiding) Syndrome!?

Lyndsey: Out of all the men, she picks him!

Jessie: We better tell the others

Lyndsey: What if she's secretly against us? he could be using her to get informaton about us!

(Several hours later, Violet returns to the deverstated goodies)

Violet: Hey, im back. What's up?

Lyndsey: That's why you didn't tell us!

Tommy: Your'e with Syndrome!

Violet: You've been spying on me? how could you?

Jessie: You're dating a villian!

Violet: So! Syndrome's changing. he loves me i know he does

Tommy: If you are dating a villian, you are no longer with us

Violet: (crying) What!? (looks at Lyndsey) Lyndsey!?

Lyndsey: Just go! a villian needs you more than your friends do!

(Meanwhile at Villian HQ, Morgana also throws Syndrome out)

Syndrome: But i love her!

Morgana: Your a traiter! to the world of villians. If your'e with that goodie brat then your not welcome anymore

(Syndrome walks out to find an upset Violet outside)

Syndrome: Violet!?

Violet: (crying) They've kicked me out! they all hate me, especially Lyndsey

Syndrome: (Hugs Violet) They kicked me out too! We dont need them, we can look after ourselves, eachother!

(Back in Villian HQ, Morgana is disgusted by Syndrome's behaviour)

Morgana: (angry) He's in love with a goodie! it makes me sick, a villian and a goodie in love? never in this world, well it will be over when i rule this world! Syndrome will return evil and Violet will be dead

Tia: Just face it Morg, he loves her

Snape: You want him to love a goodie? So you want us bad to mix with good, produce mixed personality children, no way

Tia: No! i had a crush on Jack Sparrow the once, before i met Davy Jones

Morgana: Well i don't care, they're both dead!

(Shivering in the cold, Syndrome and Violet try to keep warm until the villians try to kill Violet)

Syndrome: Cold?

Violet: (shivering) Freezing

Syndrome: Here, have my cloak, keep warm

Violet: Thank you

Mojo Jojo: (shouting from a distance) Get away from her Syndrome!

Margaret: We're here to kill the goodie! not to let you back in

Syndrome: Leave her alone, if you want someone to kill, kill me!

Lyndsey: (shouting from a distance) Leave them alone!

Morgana: Ha! you think you can save these petty fools?! think again darling! (evily laughs)

(Violet uses her force shield against the villians, but they enrage on a war)

Morgana: (after being hit by the force sheild) Ouch! fools!

(Lyndsey uses a unusal power to injure the villians, but she is shocked she as got powers)

Lyndsey: (uses her power) Whoah!

Daphne: Lyndsey, you have powers?!

Kowalski; They must had came when she was under the machine when she was dying

Lyndsey: So i'm immortal and have powers? cool!

Morgana: (shouts) Your'e what?

Skunk: So you can't ever die?

Lyndsey: Nope!

Morgana: (shouts) That's it! villians come, oh and Syndrome...DONT EVER COME BACK!

Syndrome: Good! i dont want to!

(Goodies walk over to Violet and Syndrome)

Violet: Thanks for saving us

Tommy: No problem, welcome back (then looks at Syndrome) You've proved your over with the villians, welcome to the goodies

Syndrome: (shakes Tommy's hand) thanks mate

(Syndrome takes all villan id off him and abandons them, as they walk, he tells Violet a horrifying secret)

Syndrome: Vi, iv'e got something to tell you

Violet: What's that?

Syndrome: One of your friends isn't who they seem to be!

Violet: Who!?

Syndrome: You must find out yourself, they must find's your destiny to find out

(End of episode)